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Podcast List on Learning, English Only

What do learning professionals listen to?

Podcast List on Learning, English Only

After an open question on Linkedin, Marie-Louise Kok received many tips for podcasts about learning, education and L&D and I have collected them below. Every year she makes an update as a service for Learning professionals. The number of episodes is a snapshot of winter 2021. The series without an update are placed at the bottom of the list. Furthermore, the order is arbitrary. Do you have a comment or listening tip? Pass it on and I’ll add it. Enjoy!

Prefer Dutch? Click here for the yearly list with Dutch podcast series.

      1. That’s Awesome ID! by instructional designer Leslie Early. In 36 episodes, Leslie chats with a guest about the one thing they love about learning design. It could be a tool, an app, a learning platform, a book, a blog/vlog, a learning theory, a person they admire, etc.
      2. The Train Like You Listen-podcast is a series of short audio clips that provide insights and bite-sized chunks on trends, cool tools and tips for L&D professionals. Approx. 92 episodes ranging from 10 to 15 minutes, but also full transcripts on the site.
      3. Webinar and Virtual Classroom Podcast from Lightbulb Moment. In 46 episodes, Jo and Michael Cook (specialists in live online learning) talk about virtual classrooms, webinars and live online learning.
      4. The Mind Tools L&D Podcast. Weekly show for anyone interested in Learning and Development or HR. No fewer than 264 broadcasts about, among other things, analysis of learning needs, practical examples, impact of technology on work, but also current topics.
      5. The Dutch Edtech Podcast. 7 Episodes of Peter van Sabben with Dutch and foreign guests about innovation and startups.
      6. The Learning Hack podcast with 50 episodes. Every two weeks, consultant John Helmer talks with L&D experts about, among other things, the effect of innovation and technological developments on the future.
      7. Nice if you are new to the field. I’m New Here: A Podcast for New Instructional Designers and E-Learning Developers, 13 episodes (of whicht 2 in 2021) of Nyla Spooner, a Learning Experience Designer.
      8. Learning Uncut is a series of now 89 conversations about learning solutions and experiences with advice. By L&D specialist Michelle Ockers. In between, Ockers interweaves a series ‘Elevate’ about improving the practice and the impact of learning professionals.
      9. Instructional Redesign Podcast. Approx. 30 episodes from 2017 to 2021 can be followed via e-mail subscription. With interviews, tips about looking for a job as an L&D manager or making video, myths in L&D, etc.
      10. Approx. 80 episodes of The Learning & Development Podcast by David James. James is Chief Learning Strategist at Looop, writer and speaker and debates fortnightly with various guests on topics that influence the L&D profession. With a.o. Bob Mosher on ‘Redesigning L&D After COVID’.
      11. Interested in workplace learning? Here are 52 episodes to listen to in the Performance Matters, a 5 Moments of Need Podcast Series.
      12. The Business of Learning is the Training Industry podcast, with approximately 45 expert interviews of about half an hour on topics related to the training of professionals.
      13. The eLearning Coach by Connie Malamed, een American learning experience design consultant. Approx. 69 broadcasts mostly with tips to learn to design better.
      14. The Learning Experience of Trainers Forum, a community of trainers and facilitators. Hosts Oskar Woehr and Mladen Živanović talk to experts about experiential learning and how to improve your training techniques. Approx. 43 broadcasts.
      15. #IDIODC a.k.a. Instructional Designers In Offices Drinking Coffee, an eLearning podcast – already 169 episodes – by Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden working at dominKnow (authoring software company). Live and off-the-cuff, the two talk about L&D and instructional design every week.
      16. Leading Learning Podcast was created for professionals serving the continuing education, professional development and lifelong learning market. Hosted weekly by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele (co-founders Tagoras, a learning consultancy) with an expert speaking to help learning organizations thrive. Admittedly a bit of a clumsy list, but here is the complete list of 283 episodes.
      17. The Future of Learning and Development Podcast on Stitcher (American podcast company and app). 29 Episodes including this one: ‘Using Gamification to Create Infinite Learning‘ with Leah Houde, Chief Learning Officer at PwC.
      18. The Women Talking About Learning Podcast. Until now 10 episodes. The podcast amplifies the voice of women (who are underrepresented in senior roles in L&D). Every week two women talk about different aspects of learning and development.
      19. Learning Day podcast by learning designer Sara Ramos. If every day is a learning day, what is the mindset we need to continuously embrace new skills, opportunities and challenges? 11 Broadcasts as a journey to discover how to integrate learning into our daily lives.
      20. The Joypreneur Podcast of businesscoach Melanie Kovacs. Season 1 on Learning with 11 conversations and Season 2 with 7 broadcasts takes a closer look at building a business.
      21. Here are all 20 podcasts of People Who Know on improving working and workplaces.
      22. The eLearning Alchemist on Soundcloud by Canadian Clint Clarkson. 10 Broadcasts of 20 minutes each about, among other things, Design for Non-Designers. Last update July 2019.
      23. Truth in Learning about myths, facts and fables. About 16 episodes of, among others, Matthew Richter working at the Thiagi Group (a learning design agency), game and instructional designer and consultant. Last update November 2020.
      24. Dear Instructional Designer. Approx. 60 editions on instructional design journeys. Last update November 2018.
      25. Learning & Development Stories Podcast with 17 interviews in which L&D experts with a learning mentality talk about their own career. Last update November 2020.
      26. Kineo’s Stream of Thoughts. 25 Episodes with creative, innovative ideas about learning and development. Last update October 2019.
Can’t get enough? Here are a few more tips: