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Continuous Learning

for Learning Professionals

Continuous Learning in a Changing World

Sharing knowledge with international learning professionals.

Sharing best practices, tips, templates and tools, etc.

And developing learning programs for learning professionals.

Some in Dutch, some in English.

What we do?

Working towards a collective of self-employed learning professionals who will work together on assignments and projects, each from their own profession and field. In the meantime I will be sharing insights on this website.


How to co-create with your client? Tools, tips and tricks.


Workshops in content. Like filming and editing.


Instructional design best practices and training.


Collaborate in one of our paid learning projects.


Marketing and engagement best practices and training.


Let's learn and celebrate together at online and offline events.


Working with several partners on learning programs and events. Some in Dutch, some in English. Love to hear what you are working on and/or about inspiring learning events. Please submit your event through our contact form.